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WELCOME TO THE WIKI OF ANGRY AND FIERY ELMOS! We spend out time loving the most amazing creature ever, ELMO! This flaming Elmo will help rule the world! We would love for you to help us build up our amazing Wiki of the Flaming Elmo! We make many pictures of our dear Elmo, so enjoy them all.

Our Wiki is made for...

This is a wiki made for the reason of the immense love of flaming Elmos on the Animal Jam Wiki. This was made because we believe Elmo is the greatest creature ever. And we would love to acknowledge that!


  • If a staff member deleted a page, they did it for a reason. Do not restore it without permission.
  • You may edit any pages that are not locked if you feel it is necessary.
  • Locked pages cannot be edited if you are not a staff member.
  • Only create pages that have to do with Elmo because that is what this wiki is all about!

Our Gallery of Flaming Elmos!

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